nora alwah

- Social Justice COUNSELING-


- Mindfulness-Based PSYCHOTHERAPY-


Finding your light in challenging times

I passionately work with children, teens, parents, couples/relationship configurations, and adults in better understanding themselves by creating a supportive and warm environment.

In the therapeutic room, I utilize a blend of modalities, integrating the multitude of your individual self. These include Body Psychotherapy, Attachment Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Synergetic Play Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy.

I provide counseling in English, Spanish, French, and Danish.

SOCIal Justice COunseling


Shifting the experience of oppression toward empowerment

We live in a world where a right way of being is constantly imposed upon us. Often that entails communicating, dressing, and moving in one particular way. In other words, we are asked to act in ways that align with the dominant heterosexual, cisgender, White, able-bodied, English-speaking culture.

Social Justice Counseling is rooted in an awareness of the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression. Through a strengths-based, client-defined, and trauma-informed approach, I support you in reconnecting to your own inherent health and power.

As a queer cis-woman of color immigrant, I specialize in working with multiple intersecting identities, including mixed-race/people of color/QTPOC, immigrants/transnational, cross-cultural/multi and bilingual individuals, trans/gender-nonconforming folks, and any of these intersecting identities or in-between'ers.

SOmatic Psychotherapy


The body as the path to healing

By listening closely to your body, you can access stored information, and consequently release old wounds and patterns of behavior. Authentic nonverbal expression can support bodily release from the imprint of oppression.

Somatic psychotherapy is a body-centered therapeutic modality which seeks to actively engage the client in both verbal and nonverbal processes, paying equal attention to what the body is saying as to spoken words. 

Integrating research in neuroscience, attachment theory, and trauma, this approach engages you in a therapeutic transformation through movement, touch, breath support, and tracking of inner sensations as a means to connect with your body’s innate wisdom.

Read my paper on the somatic impact of lying on the body here.

Mindfulness-BAsed Therapy


Befriending yourself with mindfulness

Loving oneself fully is difficult - particularly loving our most oppressed identities and socially unacceptable parts. Mindfulness allows us to take on a gentle and kind attitude toward ourselves. This is radical.

Practicing mindfulness supports us in being with our suffering and the internalized, often shameful, messages we hold about ourselves. It can also increase emotional intelligence and cultivate loving-kindness, compassion, and social connectedness.

As the great buddhist teacher Pema Chodrön states, “loving-kindness—maitri—toward ourselves doesn’t mean getting rid of anything … It’s about befriending who we are.” Mindful presence and breathing exercises can help us to reduce the violent act of disowning and shaming parts of ourselves and others.