nora alwah
Until I am free to write bilingually and to switch codes without having always to translate, while I still have to speak English or Spanish when I would rather speak Spanglish, and as long as I have to accommodate the English speakers rather than having them accommodate me, my tongue will be illegitimate. I will no longer be made to feel ashamed of existing.
— Gloria E. Anzaldúa
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Je suis comorienne. Jeg er dansker. Mi alma es Argentina.
And I live in the US. This is how my mind works.
— Nora Alwah

My authentic langues sont los cuatro på samme time.


I am a proud queer cis-woman of color with European-African roots from Denmark and Comoros. I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC). I practice in Boulder, CO and you can also find me virtually on telemental health. As a teacher and therapist, I am committed to empowering people in reclaiming their own unapologetic truth through their bodies. I am dedicated to unmasking the many lies that we embody.

Soy una mujer cisgénero con raíces europeo-africanas de Dinamarca y Comoras. Soy una terapeuta licenciada (LPC), practicando en Boulder, CO. Como terapeuta y profesora, estoy apasionada con la relación entre la salud mental y la opresión, y las consecuencias de la opresión en el cuerpo. Estoy comprometida con desafiar la opresión sistémica y empoderar a personas para creer en sí mismas.

Je suis une femme cisgenre, d'origine européenne et africaine, du Danemark et des Comores. Je suis une psychothérapeute autorisée (LPC) et je pratique à Boulder, CO. Vous pouvez également prendre rendez-vous avec moi en ligne. En tant que professeur et psychothérapeute, je suis passionnée par la relation entre la santé mentale et l'oppression ainsi que les conséquences de l'oppression dans le corps. Je suis dévouée à lutter contre l'oppression systémique et à donner aux gens les moyens de croire en eux-mêmes.

What is Code-switching?

The art of shifting between languages, expression, and behavior

according to different contexts.


Home. Is where?

We code-switch to belong. To feel seen. To feel heard.

Who are WE? Immigrants. People of Color. Multiculturals. Bilinguals. Transnationals. In between’ers.

We often code-switch, both consciously and unconsciously, according to the situation we are in and the people we are with. While it can seem to be effective, it also holds a tremendous sense of pain and grief, as our deepest, most authentic parts get hidden - our true dialect, our style of speaking, and our full movements.

Home is where our multiple identities have the space to fully breathe and move in and out of self.